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I belong to the yahoo discussion board,  waldorf home educators, and I read those posts every day, especially when Mrs M is talking. Mrs M is Marsha Johnson of the Shining Star School in Portland, Oregon. If you join this group you will also have access to the extensive files of Waldorf homeschooling materials that Mrs. M has developed over the years.

I also really appreciate and enjoy The Waldorf Connection. Donna runs Waldorf-inspired teleseminars and replays are often free for the first 24 hours.


A group favorite is soulemama by Amanda Soule. We even read her book The Creative Family for one of our book clubs.

The Parenting Passageway





In the beginning, we did many group orders to share costs. We ordered often from Mercurious (Waldorf school supplies) and Nova Naturals  (toys). Nova Naturals is a great place to have a wish list started for birthdays and gift-giving holidays.

We have ordered soft doll patterns, kits, and hair from Weir Dolls. Now we frequently supplement our supplies with orders to A Child’s Dream Come True. I’ve met the owner (she used to live in Joshua Tree and we have some mutual friends) and her web store has pretty much anything a Waldorf-inspired family might need.

If you get into dying your own materials, Dharma Trading is the way to go. I’ve been ordering from them for over fifteen years. You can get a wide range of blank silks and cotton hankies.