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Baby Step

When somebody says they think I’m brave or gutsy or full of confidence, I have to snort. It’s nice that I can appear that way, but fear; fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of pain, fear of unintentionally … Continue reading

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Psycho vs Psychic

Once long ago, a little kid named Bella and her mother sometimes experienced such incredible coincidental thought patterns that it could practically be described as telepathic. I could be sitting at the kitchen table idly wondering if I should make … Continue reading

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Spring Peak

I learned something alarming this weekend while talking to my mother. She says that she’s told me this a million times – that I was born two or three months prematurely! When I pressed her for details she thinks it … Continue reading

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Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Last month when I shot into Joshua Tree for the day, I crashed a friend’s brunch party and got to eat some very delicious brunch foods. One dish really hit the spot and I asked for the recipe. I plan … Continue reading

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Proud Mama

Just in case I’ve been complaining about Bella and not giving her enough kudos I wanted to take a minute and applaud her. The night before her last two track meets she has gone to bed early with her lunch … Continue reading

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While Hiking Seven Miles on Sunday

Me: So, now you can’t call me a wimp anymore. Chad: I never called you a wimp. You hiked 22 miles to the top of San Jacinto this time last year. You’re not a wimp. M: You did so call … Continue reading

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Untitled, 2008

This Saturday was good day for seeing art. My friend and I made it up to mid-town, lightly considering giving the Miracle Mile Art Walk (monthly, every third Saturday) Holly trolley a spin, but then couldn’t give up our southern … Continue reading

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The Birth Rehearsal

I have to admit that I had been dreading the nearly hour long birth rehearsal that our Bradley teacher had been promising us was in store for our last class, but it turns out that the combination of low lighting, … Continue reading

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It's a scientifically proven fact…

that most people’s favorite word is their own name. That just sounded true when the character Lars said it in Lars and the Real Girl. Surprisingly good- I’ve finally found a movie to review in my Recommended Movie side bar. … Continue reading

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Culinary Courage

After weeks of procrastination and many wilted bunches of greens, I finally made the Authentic Chicken Enchiladas that Maya taught me how to make. It was just so against my general cooking inclination to blend up a green sauce out … Continue reading

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