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Mrs M on Not Homeschooling Young Children

Almost daily I read the posts of a yahoo message board called, Waldorf Home Educators, because the moderator of the group, Mrs. M, has wise things to say about child-rearing and schooling alike. Here is one post of hers that … Continue reading

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Look Ma, no ‘poo!

Twenty years ago I was introduced to the idea that shampoo might be superfluous. This was a mind-blowing concept to me. My German friend explained to me that we wash all the oil out of hair and then re-add grease … Continue reading

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Maximizing Gain from Book Weeding

Living on a tight budget really ratchets up a particular quality of mine, one that has to do with being obsessed with optimization. Example: I want to get rid of a bunch of books. Is it best to a) drop … Continue reading

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Could I Please Get This in White Vinyl for My Rear Window?

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Free Recycling Through the Mail

I fished out a couple of ink cartridges out of the trash the other day, certain that I’d seen drop-off boxes for recycling someplace where we shopped regularly. But of course, they’ve sat and sat beside my desk, because I … Continue reading

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Green Like Him

**Nathen’s 2009 landfill project has been completed. I’ve moved this post up to the top for the weekend – so you can follow his link, and check out exactly how much trash one really conscientious guy produces in one year.** … Continue reading

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No TV for Babies Please!

Years ago I read Four Arguments for the Elimination of TV by Jerry Mander and then immediately went and bought ten copies to give away. Mander eloquently gave voice to my existing niggling concerns about television watching and I have … Continue reading

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I Caught a Pee!

My mind is not frequently blown, but with this new baby I have been introduced to a concept that I had never ever considered for myself before. That is, the possibility of raising a diaper-free baby. That’s right. NO DIAPERS. … Continue reading

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Hurray for Stay-at-Home Moms

Hmm, a post at my friend’s blog shoved a little soapbox under my feet. She’s a stay-at-home mom and was ranting a bit about only having been away from her kids for four days in the past four years. She … Continue reading

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A Better Home Birth

A wonderful thing about blogging is that whenever I post a question or predicament, I have friends (and friendly strangers) immediately sending me possible answers and solutions. In the case of my recent post “Me, Preggers” I got lots of … Continue reading

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