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Not Lazy, I Swear

I’ve never considered myself a lazy person, but these days my favorite pastime is whiling away the minutes, perhaps hours, between awake and asleep, laying naked between the bedsheets with my hands on my belly, listening. People keep asking if … Continue reading

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Chinese-Style Steamed Tilapia

One of the dishes my mom made for us was this very simple steamed tilapia and I will definitely be making it again soon. In fact Chad says that he’d like it once a week. The original recipe comes from … Continue reading

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My Boxing Day

Considering that I generally post daily, that I haven’t posted for a week reveals a lot about the amount of energy it takes to entertain family. But that is far from a complaint, I don’t remember the last time my … Continue reading

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Tremendous Comfort

I feel very comforted today after eating Korean food, shopping for Korean food, and then bustling about the kitchen with my very Korean mom.

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a smile

I attended Bella’s cross country awards ceremony tonight. The coach said a little something about each girl as she stepped up on the stage, sometimes based on an informal survey the girls had filled out. Bella’s inspiration for running? She … Continue reading

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The 'Rents Are Coming

My parents arrive in two days, which has initiated a frenetic cleaning frenzy. I’m doing things like taking my showers with my glasses on so I scrub things down. Taking drawers out of the fridge to wash them in hot … Continue reading

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Hurray for Stay-at-Home Moms

Hmm, a post at my friend’s blog shoved a little soapbox under my feet. She’s a stay-at-home mom and was ranting a bit about only having been away from her kids for four days in the past four years. She … Continue reading

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Posting Blues

When I gets like this I can’t even look my computer in the face when I come into the room. Just generally feeling under the weather: mopey and moody. Today we saw Juno in the theater, which was great, but … Continue reading

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Poor Hubby

Chad went in for his decennial dentist appointment yesterday – I’d like to point out here that I made the appointment, if I hadn’t I might be posting about his vicennial dentist appointment ten years from now – and well, … Continue reading

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I uploaded some photos of artwork using traditional yarn and thread crafts to my photobucket account only to get to my account today to find this little notice: It took me a minute to realize that it had been an … Continue reading

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