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Holiday Photo Rejects

I’ve always been a stickler for holiday cards. It’s a way of reaching out to friends and family at least once a year – catching up and extending good wishes. They’ve become more painful now that I have an extremely … Continue reading

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Beginning the Day with Thanks

I am thankful to have smart, fun friends. I am thankful for having a loving devoted husband who lets me pretend I wear the pants. And who works so that I can stay at home. I am thankful for two … Continue reading

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Art Day in Culver City

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YMCA Asks Breastfeeding Mother to Leave Play Area

I was shocked to hear somebody at that our local YMCA could be so ignorant as to really believe that children should not be exposed to breastfeeding. But Maura was really asked to leave and nurse in the locker room … Continue reading

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November Circle

Here are the songs, transitions, and blessings for November 2011. There are a couple of lantern songs since Martinmas is November 11. We’re celebrating with a camp-out at Oak Canyon. woo hoo! Follow, Follow Me Follow, follow me To the … Continue reading

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