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Zimoun Installation at UCI

The sound of one of  Zimoun’s installations is the multitude of many identical noises: often, the buzz, beating, or swiveling of hundreds of the same small motors running simultaneously. The sound could be likened to pattering raindrops, clicking typewriters, droning … Continue reading

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Lost in the Memory Palace

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller have long crafted space, whether physically manifest with plywood and façade or immaterially delineated by recorded audio; and that space is often a surreal or dreamlike place reminiscent of an empty de Chirico piazza … Continue reading

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The stage was very simple with a single wooden workstand, a wooden crate, a mike, and a red fabric background. One guy ambled onto stage and began to tell a story by singing a story of the sea. Then he … Continue reading

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Preview for Painting Show, “Departures” at Zask Gallery

Art, like life, is a moderated tension between intuition and logic; chaos and control. Four  artists, Virginia Katz, Margaret Lazzari, Maggie Lowe Tenneson, and Ruth Trotter make abstract paintings that are steeped at once in their own personal experience and … Continue reading

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It’s Happening in Space: Claudia Bucher, a Morphospective

Born of a strange confluence between Pacific Standard Time, Mike Kelley’s suicide, and the unanticipated liquidation of her father’s art foundation, Claudia Bucher’s upcoming show at L2Contemporary could be expected to have a bitter tone. Thankfully, any darkness is tempered … Continue reading

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Japanese Pictorial Ikats at the Fowler Museum

The indigo blue of blue jeans may be as American as an apple pie, but a small room at the Fowler Museum shows that indigo blue is also as Japanese as a kimono or futon. This focused exhibition is a … Continue reading

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Art Day in Culver City

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Modern Antiquities show at the Getty

Drawing from its own strength and its own collection, the new show, “Modern Antiquities” at The Getty Villa cannily enters the Pacific Standard Time (PST) conversation as an unofficial “prequel” exhibition, juxtaposing the works of four major twentieth-century artists (mainly … Continue reading

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Gajin Fujita at LA Louver

Much of the buzz around Gajin Fujita these past eleven years (his first solo show was in Vegas in 1999, with an LA opening shortly after in 2002) has been gleeful gambling about whether this new-comer was burning too brightly … Continue reading

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Amy Yoes at CB1 Gallery

Amy Yoes’ white and black constructed installation fills the front room of the gallery like a haughty, well-bred aunt, who might prefer that you not mention the faint similarity to the mash-up of architectural ornament that is Disneyland’s ride, It’s … Continue reading

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