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Stingray Shuffle

So there is a price to pay for warm and glassy beautiful ocean waters. During my forest kindergarten promo class this week, a woman was stung by a stingray, and spent a good part of an hour crying and being … Continue reading

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Mrs M on Not Homeschooling Young Children

Almost daily I read the posts of a yahoo message board called, Waldorf Home Educators, because the moderator of the group, Mrs. M, has wise things to say about child-rearing and schooling alike. Here is one post of hers that … Continue reading

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Forest Kindergarten Promotion Class

Those of you in the know – please spread the word! Folks are always asking me about promo classes, but I keep poor records of these things. Send payment and forms to Jodi. P.S. I am making the reservations for … Continue reading

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My Terrible Night at LAX

After a full day at Ancestral Living Skills Camp at Trestles Beach, I came home to tidy up, roast a chicken, and get showered before driving to LA to pick up Bella and her friend from LAX. Somewhere in that … Continue reading

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Blood Harmony

I’ve been listening to the Lester Family play and sing music for nearly 20 years. Both Bella and now Christian are growing up listening to “the baby Lesters.” Speaking of which, if you have babies or toddlers about, I highly … Continue reading

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Gillian vs Jillian

I’m up late again. Back from yet another midnight drop-off at LAX and over-caffeinated as per my custom. My third midnight cruise to LAX in the last month. My theory: airplane tix are so expensive these days that we can … Continue reading

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