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A Drinking Club with a Running Problem

Normally when I travel I like to have an adventure or two – but my biggest adventure this trip may have been to a mall at the other end of town, where I learned the art of book binding for … Continue reading

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Nak! Nak!

“Nak” is one of Christian’s newest words. (He adds to his vocabulary hourly. This morning he woke, smiled, then pointed to my eyes and said, “eye”.) “Nak” means “snake” and reveals how much he was impressed by the snake farm … Continue reading

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I Heart Noodle Soup

I leave Bangkok in less than 48 hours and I’m in a bit of a panic that I might not get another noodle soup before I go. This is a soup that we’ve been having for dinner about three times … Continue reading

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More Noi naa Cuteness

I know you’ve seen Bella and Songbae doing Hip Hop Abs – but it went on day after day! And we got a lot of funny video clips. This one is a funny one of Noi-nee. P.S. Bella did Hip … Continue reading

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The Cooking Habit

I’ve completely lost any desire to cook. It’s not just the heat or the expense and bother of getting Western ingredients, but that the prepared food here is not only dirt cheap but delicious! I’ve been a month and I … Continue reading

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Joyful Reunion

Sue’s back from South Africa today! I hadn’t realized that she’d had to travel for almost 20 hours. Whew – that’s me next week. She’s been gone for 8 days. We all have tomorrow together (going to some crazy brunch … Continue reading

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Dwarf Song

[youtube=] [youtube=] Dwarf Song Little dwarves so short and strong Heavy-footed march along Every head is straight and proud Every step is firm and loud. Pick and hammer each must hold Deep in earth to mine the gold Ready over … Continue reading

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Letter to Christian at 15 Months

Dear Ti-ti (since that’s what everybody calls you here – following Noi naa’s lead), You are having the blast of your little life here in Bangkok. You adapted very quickly and now as soon as you sit up and open … Continue reading

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My Jetset Girl

We dropped Bella off at the airport Tuesday night and she flew back to the States all by herself! She arrived at LAX after 9 pm, and then had to turn around and get to John Wayne Airport the next … Continue reading

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The New Fountain

Sue and Joss’s apartment building just got a new fountain installed. Thai fountains tend to be exuberant and a bit random; this one is no exception. It pleases the two babies to no end (although they look stoic here). P.S. … Continue reading

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