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Happy Halloween

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We call him King of the Drool People

The poor guy is being struck by fits of teething misery. In fact, the teething pain is at times radically changing Christian’s behavior: in the last three days he has adamantly refused to nurse three times when he’s been upset … Continue reading

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Haim Steinbach at Overduin and Kite

Sorry about the mismatched image, but the gallery hasn’t gotten their images together yet, and I didn’t take any while I was there. This is an image of his work from last year – also employing those scary black kongs. … Continue reading

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How to Cook a Perfect Hard-boiled Egg

Ha! You thought you already knew how to hard-boil an egg? I did too, but Mark Bittman says I do it wrong – and I listen to whatever Bittman says. I trust him in the kitchen. (My new cookbook has … Continue reading

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The Gentler Side of Downtown LA

[youtube=] Chad, Christian, and I took the Metrolink train from Irvine to LA Union again. I think it will become a regular thing because we always enjoy ourselves so thoroughly – besides the fact that we get to see art … Continue reading

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Perfection City

At the last La Leche League meeting, mothers started animatedly discussing nursing bras. Medela and Bravado quickly emerged as favorites -  one woman also loved the nursing bras from Elle McPherson. I looked around the room and wondered how all … Continue reading

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Letter to Christian at 5 Months

My dear darling Christian, It’s true! Babies really do bring more love into the house. When you are sleeping on my chest I can feel love sinking straight into my chest. You have completely charmed the heck out of your … Continue reading

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Diet Update

We are finishing up our third week of being wheat and dairy-free. It hasn’t been so hard, because I’ve just reverted back to eating more asian-style meals with lots of rice. I bought one $5 loaf of rice flour bread … Continue reading

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So Easy, Even a Chimp Can Do It…

Actually, Bella crashed three times when she tried a segway, but this crazy chimp gets the idea right away! The video is a little long (4:47), but you only have to watch 30 seconds to be laughing. It is gratifying … Continue reading

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Truly Bloody

I am pretty hooked to my small stable of TV shows this season: Heroes, Sarah Connor Chronicles; and soon, Battlestar Galactica and Lost will be starting too. But the show I can’t get out of my mind is a new … Continue reading

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