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Sorority Insight

I have still shaking my head in disbelief at how much Bella has benefited from being a part of a sorority. Any class, teacher, job, or association at UCLA she’s interested in, there is a Delta Gamma sister who can … Continue reading

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Currently Obsessed with Kale

Yes, I know: kale is pretty trendy these days. But that’s okay, eating more kale is never going to be bad for anybody. Today I bought four organic bunches at Sprout’s. The bagger knowingly nodded at the lasinto bunches and … Continue reading

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Have shovel, will dig

Some people go to the beach for long walks. Some go to watch the sun set or to look for migrating gray whales. Not my family. We go to the beach to dig. Last week, my husband made a bit … Continue reading

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Chad’s Top 11 of ’11

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy The Adventures of Tintin A Separation The Descendants Tree Of Life Midnight In Paris Attack The Block X-Men: First Class Drive Fast Five Bridesmaids Just realized that the Oscar’s are this Sunday. Anybody (who has cable) … Continue reading

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Real or not real?

I got this email from Mxxxxx yesterday, and I wondered if it was some kind of sophisticated prank: Dear Jeannie, Hi there.  My name is Mxxxxxx and I stumbled upon your blog (googled “how to talk to women”) and I … Continue reading

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Waldorf Circle Time Resources

After three plus years of organizing and leading weekly circle times for the 0-7 year old set, I have definitely developed favorite resources. Recently, friends (and strangers) have been asking me what those resources are. I use what appears to … Continue reading

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Christian with his New Friend

We spent today in downtown LA walking all over the place. The one gallery I wanted to see was far away, and we had to give skid row a wide berth, which added several blocks. Christian played out back and … Continue reading

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C-Dog’s Puff

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