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Not Tuna Pâté

I appear to be entering a stage of mothering where I have great difficulty in getting anything done on the computer. Luckily for us, the money I make from writing is all extra, and we’ve been able to live entirely … Continue reading

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A Spot of Richness

We’ve finally cashed in all of my brother’s citibank thank you points (earlier post about this) for two ipod touches (8 gig for me, 16 gig for my sister); a $100 gift certificate to Bloomingdale’s for Bella (she got her … Continue reading

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Unlucky Day

Three unlucky things happened today – and I hope that’s the last of them. First when Chad met me at LA Union Station (he biked, Christian and I took the train) he told me that somewhere along his route one … Continue reading

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You Can't Take Me Anywhere

I am so susceptible to advertising and promotions that I should just stop going into stores. A couple days ago I was riveted to the Vita-mix stand at Costco. The guy was making a fruit smoothie, which I like to … Continue reading

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Displacement, Boom, Euphoria, Profit Taking, and Panic

In the once widely-disdained credit cycle proposed by Hyman P. Minsky, we are currently in the panic stage of the housing/mortgage market, and interestingly, John Cassidy of The New Yorker does not blame Bush, but Fed Chief Greenspan for his … Continue reading

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*POW@* and she takes another one to the gut…

For Christmas this year Bella got a new cell phone. Despite my reservations, we got her a Black Jack II with a full QWERTY keyboard and although it was web-enabled, it did not require a PDA monthly web plan like … Continue reading

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There Goes the Play Money

Last week I heard that there were terrible winds in Joshua Tree. By terrible, I mean that my tenant says he thought the winds were going 70 m.p.h. all night long. It wasn’t a good night to be out either, … Continue reading

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Declining, Distressed, Severe

Who ever said that bankers weren’t creative? According to the finance officer I spoke with today, “declining,” “distressed,” and “severe” are all part of banking terminology used to describe the housing market. Wells Fargo deems the current state of affairs … Continue reading

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Money Talk #3 – Investing

The woman’s Money Talk group met in Joshua Tree last weekend and everybody was present. We feasted on smoked salmon, lentil soup, still-warm cornbread, homemade almond cookies, and fresh apples. Previous to the meeting, it had been decided to read … Continue reading

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Money Talk #3 – Revocable Living Trusts

After our Money Talk #2 and reading the fourth chapter in Suze Orman’s The Nine Steps to Financial Freedom, it was discovered that two women in our group had already gone through the steps of setting up revocable living trusts. … Continue reading

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