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Hode de door!

This one is funny. I thieved it from and I justify this thievery because people have actually told me that they never go to read ??? I think she’s funny and she usually makes me laugh. Also I … Continue reading

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Cooler than Freecycle

I am in the middle of my first transaction, and I’m loving it. Basically, freecycle is a bulletin board for people in a community to give and get FREE THINGS. While, I love the word FREE, I love more … Continue reading

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Bridal Shower/Bacholerette Party Pics

These photos go with this post and were taken by Wanda. This is what the tables looked like when I got there. I love fresh flowers. And my friends drinking in the shade of a boulder. (Notice the gifts to … Continue reading

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A Great Use of Craigslist

My brother recently posted this ad on craigslist: “will trade excel lessons for how to create a web site lessons (north beach / telegraph hill) Reply to: Date: 2007-08-04, 5:54PM PDThi, i’m helping with my high school reunion and … Continue reading

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How'd he do that?!

Watch a man be cut in half, stapled back together, and then get back up dancing. No blood involved – but may upset younger children. It’ll only take 1:20 minutes of your time. (Thanks for sharing this one, Al!) [youtube=]

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The jetlag sabotaged my sleep today; I unwittingly fell asleep for three hours on the sofa and now I’m not tired. Bella and I did get to watch the first half of a fun movie (on videotape! thanks Karen – … Continue reading

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I think we could solve a lot of this world’s problems if we could give everybody a baby to hold. Maybe it would only take one or two babies per household, because a baby actually radiates enough love to enfold … Continue reading

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demetri martin, comedian

The guy is funny! My brother sent me this link and it looked like some kind of meaningless office spam – there was a heading saying it was somebody’s weird latest web campaign – but it is no campaign at … Continue reading

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stop the Junk Mail deluge

I am drowning in a sea of slippery glossy junk mail. It must that time again to register my name and address with the Mail Preference Service (MPS). I know that a name registration last five years, it’s just hard … Continue reading

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I got this via Zeke’s blog, linked through to boing boing, and landed at the disneyblog, before going to youtube myself for this gem. So, not an original find by any means, but must be shared. It’s a re-cut trailer … Continue reading

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