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October Circle Time

Forest Kindergarten is going great! Both the Monday and Wednesday classes are completely booked with families on the waiting list. We are having fun and finding our groove. Terrific families participate in Earthroots’ programs and I am making new friends. … Continue reading

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Hard, Fast, and Interrupted as Little as Possible

I took a CPR/First Aid class last weekend, as part of the stuff I have to do to be officially employed by Earthroots. Yesterday, I went to the Orange County Sheriff’s office on 11 Journey and got my live scan … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Songbae!

Christian is sleeping and I’m tearing myself away from my book (A Clash of Kings – the second in the Game of Thrones series) to write a happy birthday post for my brother. Especially seeing as how I never got … Continue reading

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I Bawled a Bit

For seventeen years, I’ve wondered at what point would I have given Bella enough love and protection that she could step forward on her own.  The first year seemed pretty darn important – and then so were all the ones … Continue reading

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Amy Yoes at CB1 Gallery

Amy Yoes’ white and black constructed installation fills the front room of the gallery like a haughty, well-bred aunt, who might prefer that you not mention the faint similarity to the mash-up of architectural ornament that is Disneyland’s ride, It’s … Continue reading

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Forest Kindergarten Framework

I’m back from Not-Back-To-School Camp and hitting the ground running. The forest kindie starts Monday – and this weekend is my husband’s birthday. Full days ahead. Here’s what I prepared today for the parents of the children in my forest … Continue reading

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