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I’ve snuck off to the coffee shop to post a bit. I’m in Joshua Tree attempting to be a landlord and getting heaps of errands done. It’s easier to get things done here, because there just aren’t as many choices; … Continue reading

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New Yorker Catch-up Time

As a result of weeding through every pile in my office a la GTD, I now have a rather tall “TO READ” stack, consisting mainly of New Yorker magazines from when my life went into hyper-drive (last fall when I … Continue reading

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43 folders

David Allen (yes, I’m reading Getting Things Done for a second time – so I am still very much on this GTD kick) uses a “tickler” folder system, which I have just implemented. You need 43 manila folders: 31 with … Continue reading

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Goals – August 2007 to January 2008

A while back, Songbae sent me an email about setting goals. Apparently people who set goal regularly (in this study, four times a year: two personal, two business, and one health) are more likely to get what they want. This … Continue reading

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A question

Songbae wants to know: “Question: if you had to choose an amount you need to raise a family how much would you say combined annual income would need to be?” Well, when Bella was born, her dad and I were … Continue reading

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I am a gloater, I admit it

I won! I won! I won! Remember the weight loss contest Chad proposed a month or so ago? Two hundred fifty dollars to whomever could reach his/her target weight by last Sunday? Chad needed to lose nine pounds to reach … Continue reading

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She Who Runs

My poor kid has blisters the size of two thumbnails, one on the arch of each foot. She also has smaller blisters on her third toe of each foot. We leave the house every morning at 5:45 am, and I … Continue reading

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She Left Her Heart in San Francisco

Bella drives me nuts on a daily basis these days. I cringe when I remember my own relationship with my mother during my teen years. We didn’t talk, we just yelled at each other – except for when I shaved … Continue reading

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Nabi Grace at 14 Weeks

hey, Nabi Grace looks like Songbae as a baby here. This one makes me want to chuck her under the chin. I wish I could see her. I wish I could see her. How can I wait until Christmas? I’m … Continue reading

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Stardust, the book and the movie

  Along with the romances, Bella has always loved a good epic fairy tale, especially on screen.  The Tenth Kingdom (8.1/10.0 imdb), the TV miniseries with nine 45-minute episodes, that incorporates every fathomable fairy tale princess and a dashing prince … Continue reading

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