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Alina’s Birth Story

Nothing like holding a sleeping 4-day old babe in a sling while writing about her birth. Especially as I am not the one recovering from the labor. Nothing like sitting and typing while my 4-day old niece is peacefully nursing … Continue reading

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Bella Update

Thx everybody for always asking about Bella. I’m happy to give updates. She seems to be adjusting well and having fun. She has been home twice for the weekend; Bella as guest rather than resident is a novel experience. We’re … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Songbae!

Christian is sleeping and I’m tearing myself away from my book (A Clash of Kings – the second in the Game of Thrones series) to write a happy birthday post for my brother. Especially seeing as how I never got … Continue reading

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A Lockpick, not a Locksmith

Songbae locked himself out of his room at Sue’s place in Bangkok, again. Here’s the video of the lockpick doing his thing. Songbae is suitably impressed (as he aspired to be a canny lockpick in his youth and once ordered … Continue reading

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A Songbae Update or Why My Hits Have Gone Up This Week

This is Songbae’s latest email blast; he titled it Ten Things you Don’t Need to Know (or, “Facebook status updates I never posted”) 1. Finished Mercy Corps Kyrgyzstan internship last month: Was working for their microfinance institution called Kompanion. 2. … Continue reading

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FYI Re: Songbae in Bishtek, Kyrgyszstan

Bishtek Updates (since people keep asking)\ April 17 clarifications: “1) They were considering evacuating us to Kazakhstan but they never did 2) I was hired as interim CFO for Kompanion, which is Mercy Corps microfinance bank in Kyrgyzstan.” April 11, … Continue reading

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Kyrgyzstan Scholarship

Many of you know that my brother Songbae, once a well-heeled finance banker in NYC, is now working for a non-profit economic development organization in Kyrgyzstan. He’s returning to his Peace Corps roots, I think. In any case he’s setting … Continue reading

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You know you're in the former Soviet Union when…

My brother Songbae accepted an internship in Bishkek, Krygzystan for three months. His latest email: “It’s been about a week since I’ve arrived in Bishkek, Krygzystan and there have been plenty of instances that have made all those Peace Corps … Continue reading

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Happy 4-0, Little Bro

Today, my brother Songbae turns forty years old and for all the complaining I’ve done about him over the years, I’d like to take a minute and gather all my warm fuzzies about him and gather it into one admiring … Continue reading

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Cambodia – dreams, dinner and decadence

My brother Songbae’s last missive from Cambodia: “not necessarily in that order: dinner – phnom penh has a lot of koreans and korean resturaunts. went to one last night called pyong yang. all the waitresses are from north korea. they … Continue reading

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