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One Week Stats

Today by lunchtime: Six wet diapers, peed on me twice, lots of nursies, lots of naps. I got up to make dinner last night. Then this morning I started dealing with getting a birth certificate in Orange County (big pain … Continue reading

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The Birth Story Part IV, the unpleasant bit

Christian’s home birth was about as perfect as I could have hoped for, but there was a complication after he was born that made the whole experience more exhausting and harrowing than it needed to be. It’s also the reason … Continue reading

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3 Days Old

Named after the William, not the Caulfield

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The Birth Story – Part III

There’s something to be said for doing something a second time. Really, I had no recollection that labor and delivery was going to be as hard as it was. Not that I remembered Bella’s birth as being easy, but I … Continue reading

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It's a Boy!

We joyfully welcome Christian Holden Murdy to this world. Born at home 1:22 am, Friday, May 23, 2008 7 pounds, 2 ounces 21 inches long We are all well; exhausted, but thrilled. Birth story and pics to follow.

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Slow, and not at all steady

Once, I was nicknamed Speedy Gonzales – we were biking up Mount Jay in Vermont or New Hampshire and it was a solid six-mile climb to the peak. I was with a dozen other high school kids biking through New … Continue reading

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Last night I felt a tell-tale dribble in my panties. Which could indicate either that my amniotic fluid is leaking, which it could if there was just a small tear, and could seal up and stop. Or it could mean … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mom!

This picture captures the kooky baby-loving side of my mom that I love. (She doesn’t just act kooky for Nabi Grace – I assure you any baby will send her into antics.) It was taken by Sue on James Bond … Continue reading

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El Orfanato

I trust my husband, I do. But when we start watching a film that is prefaced by a half dozen horror previews, my faith starts to quaver. I turned to him and said, “This isn’t a horror movie is it?” … Continue reading

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Sleep Saturation

At the advice of my good friend Darlene (mother of five), I’ve elected to not do things like see a friend’s gig in Huntington Beach (that didn’t start until 11 pm), and I’ve started concentrating on getting as much sleep … Continue reading

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