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Caine’s Arcade

This great video has been making the rounds. It just goes to show that kids really do only need cardboard, tape, and their imaginations to do whatever they want. BOREDOM is necessary for CREATION. I love Caine’s Cardboard Arcade. I … Continue reading

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Christian with his New Friend

We spent today in downtown LA walking all over the place. The one gallery I wanted to see was far away, and we had to give skid row a wide berth, which added several blocks. Christian played out back and … Continue reading

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Art Day in Culver City

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I Swear I’m Not Controlling…

Well, maybe I am.* Here’s my suggested schedule for when my brother and sister visit next week. But truly, these are suggestions and totally up for revision and spontaneity. It’s just that I find it reassuring to work with even … Continue reading

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Another Beautiful day in LaLaLand

Chad and I spent last Friday in LA seeing art. The weather was perfect. It was a pre-Valentine’s Day day. We planned the day around art, fountains, and lunch at Mendocino Farms. The Kurabato Pork Belly Ciabatta Panini rocked out.

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Korean Taco Truck

My old friends John and Joe are here – and I am really enjoying their visit. My mom and dad went to medical school with their mom and dad and so we, the kids, have known each other our entire … Continue reading

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At Least We Got Mooned

Saturday morning, by Bella’s account, was not the smooth morning we had planned. Bella had a mandatory field trip to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena for her Art Appreciation class, so I had carefully planned out a day to … Continue reading

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The Things I Saw From the Train Window

[youtube=] I’m feeling quite proud of myself as I made it into LA three times by train this month to see art. Now that’s more like it. I went in on Sunday to catch at least one of the two … Continue reading

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OC to LA by Bike

Something that Chad and I have in common is we both really enjoy a good adventure or challenge. So lately, if I mention that I have to attend a diaper-free playgroup in Huntington Beach, he’s all about planning a bike … Continue reading

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The Gentler Side of Downtown LA

[youtube=] Chad, Christian, and I took the Metrolink train from Irvine to LA Union again. I think it will become a regular thing because we always enjoy ourselves so thoroughly – besides the fact that we get to see art … Continue reading

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