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procrastination a la red dwarf

There is a hilarious episode of Red Dwarf (BBC sitcom – imdb 8.9/10.0) where Arnold Rimmer is trying to prepare for an exam to move up in ranks (in the spaceship hierarchy). He has several months to prepare for the … Continue reading

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the proposal

Hurray, time for a blog break. Wait a minute… It seems appropriate to run and put my ring on for this post. (sigh, my ring is so beautiful!) I got a funny email from Chad’s sister yesterday: she said, “My … Continue reading

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rattlesnake canyon

Near where Chad proposed. I was so sweaty from the hike, he couldn’t tell I was crying.

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Got a photobucket account today

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womanly maintenance

Nothing like a great haircut to perk up my mood. I have been getting my haircut by my talented friend Nu (at Bruno and Soonie in Beverly Hills) for the last fifteen years and she amazes me every time. Nu … Continue reading

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better view

After repeated attempts to capture my ring on film, it occurred to me that I was re-inventing the wheel. So, here’s the actual pic from

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new wrinkle in my brain

The first definition for the word “adamant” in my dictionary (American Heritage – bought for a summer course I took at Exeter called Etymology and Semantics!!) is 1. A stone believed to be impenetrable. I back off my use of … Continue reading

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Yes, I have resorted to bribery

I have not succumbed to getting a puppy (chiweenie or worse) or to a siamese kitten – but today I did spend some money at Hollister, cheering Bella up. Her crying jags are getting fewer and farther between and she … Continue reading

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Gilmore remedy

Just in case anybody was worrying: Bella slunk out of her room, I made chicken soup, and we watched three episodes of Gilmore Girls (including Bella’s all-time favorite episode, “They Shoot Gilmore, Don’t They?”). Peace for the time being.

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what's the opposite of a silver lining?

I am happy to be engaged, but my almost-thirteen year old is very unhappy that I am engaged. I hate you! I’m going to live with my dad! Why can’t you wait until I go to college to start your … Continue reading

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