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Me, Preggers

It’s been a little mortifying to find out that I’ve been pregnant all these last three months. How could that have happened? I’ve tumbled down a notch on the mom expert tree – which is fine, I suppose, and should … Continue reading

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Mrs. Bikram

I understand that there is a modified version of the Bikram workout for pregnant women, but I haven’t got my hot little hands on a copy yet. So tonight, I started my pregnancy workout regime with the regular 1 1/2 … Continue reading

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Is it Because of Roy?

I’ve been scheming to go to Miami for the last year and a half now – ever since my essay was published in The Killing Machine, the catalog for Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s show. The eponymous show has … Continue reading

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My Second Job

I have spotted evidence that is actually using the press releases I occasionally write for them (for $50 a piece). It’s not particularly interesting, but if you’re curious as to how much writing I’ll do for $50 (1 page) … Continue reading

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Two Dips for the Record

I was musing over the holidays how there are recipes that just pass in and out of your life – and down the road you can’t for the life of you remember how they were made. Luckily, now there’s the … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Debrief

My folks are on a plane to India; we’re finishing off the rest of the oyster and chestnut stuffing, shopping for fake Christmas trees and making time for a couple more episodes of The Wire (toad you, we’re hooked). Despite … Continue reading

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To Family and Friends – and making more of them

Our Thanksgiving toast – to you and yours. Hope you’re not spending too much time in front of the computer. We are having a perfect Black Friday: hot air balloon ride, hike, and watching our new favorite series, The Wire, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Day Preparations

It’s that time of year when blog hits skyrocket because people are trolling the internet for recipes – and I’m part of that too; scrambling through my past posts to review last year’s recipes. I didn’t work today – just … Continue reading

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The Sea Monkey is Alive and Kicking!

Why did I not know that an ultrasound requires that I take off my underwear? Or that I would be asked to drink 32 ounces of water and not pee an hour before the appointment? Or that I would want … Continue reading

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Macho Ram

Saturday’s hike to Willow Hole was highlighted by a magical Bighorn Sheep sighting that I have completely neglected to mention. There were five of us in the Toyota Corolla, comfortably crammed and gently jostled by the short dirt ride to … Continue reading

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