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Happy Howlween!


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Worm Sticks and Rabbit Poop

  Contrary to popular belief, small dogs can be trained. It does, however, take just as much work to train a small dog as a large one – even more perhaps because it is true that their brains must be … Continue reading

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Bella on the phone: “The Locksmith Monster? I’ve never heard of that. MOOOOOM!? How come I never heard of the Locksmith Monster?”

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CSA Basket Week #2 Recap

If you’re wondering why I make such a big deal about my CSA basket, it’s because I think it’s one of the most important choices I make every two weeks to improve the world around me. Not only does my … Continue reading

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Moving into Birthday Week

Things definitely do not get simpler as your kids get older, on the contrary; not only do they get infinitely more complex but much more expensive as well. Witness Bella’s most recent birthday wish list. It is so extravagant that … Continue reading

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Well: a new health blog at The New York Times

Looks like the folks at The New York Times are pretty with it; not only do they carry blogs, but blogs about health and going green. Well is the title of the new health column blog written by Tara Pope-Parker … Continue reading

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Trouble in the Free World

Easy come, easy go. Ridley Scott’s newest movie with Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington, American Gangster (imdb 9.1/10.0 – my grade: A), has been all over the free bit-torrent sites throughout the world – and it’s not going to be … Continue reading

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Dead on

I meant to only post extra-funny or extra-entertaining youtube videos in my sidebar links under Jeannie’s Stamp of Approval, but I am noticing that nobody hardly ever checks them out. What’s up with that? Did you catch the Louis Armstrong … Continue reading

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"Any flame longer than 8 feet is considered unstoppable…"

We’ve been breathing in lots of smoke the last few days, but fortunately the billowing clouds remain on the horizon. The hot, dry Santa Ana winds have pushed the thermostat back into the 80’s and left grit in all our … Continue reading

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Free Tix

Only a short half hour to when my hubby gets home and we get to watch Heroes together, so a quick post. This was a funny weekend for free things. Friday was Chad’s day off, so we did our typical … Continue reading

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