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Cheap airline tickets

Chris (from zeke’s gallery) pointed out an interesting website to me called If you put in your hometown airport and destination airport, it actually tells you whether you should buy tickets NOW or WAIT because it is likely that … Continue reading

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Thesis hokey pokey

I have a confession to make. I didn’t really finish my thesis the other day. I did really print out a final copy, and I did really bring the whole thing to the printer. but then I panicked. I got … Continue reading

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Kids in the FLOW


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For my birthday

My honey is planning a 22-mile hike to the top of San Jacinto on Memorial Day weekend. And he suggested we stay in a hotel. and he’s doing all the research. A stupendous feat is a perfect birthday activity. Isn’t … Continue reading

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Not Cheap Airplane Tix

I bought airplane tix last night. Newark (EWR) – Palm Springs (PSP) $365 I kept waiting and waiting for a sale to come around, but the price stayed about the same. And it was virtually the same price to fly … Continue reading

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Putting Songs into iTunes

I can never remember the exact process to transfer music (from a backup disc – CD or DVD) to my iTunes. Here are Chad’s directions: 1. Go to “edit” in itunes, select “preferences” 2. Select the “advanced tab” and choose … Continue reading

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Final Final Draft

Just thought I’d mention: I FINISHED THE THESIS! the cover page, the bibliography, the whole thing. Off to the printer’s tomorrow! Now to reward myself with a little sleep – a few hours anyway.

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holy crapola

Jeez. Here I think I’m done, and then I find the exact same two sentences in my conclusion that I used in my introduction. Yikes. The Chicago Manual of Style (14th edition) is turning out to be a good, good … Continue reading

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Spacey Mc Space

Just back from a second round of walking around the house aimlessly looking for that final draft I printed out a few hours ago. That’s right – I can’t find it. I just need to read through it one more … Continue reading

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Final Draft of Thesis

Could this be it? This is the first time I am printing the whole thing as one document. If I finish the bibliography tonight, I can bring it to the printer tomorrow!!!! I think I’ll call it “Intimacy in the … Continue reading

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