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I went to a lovely baby shower this weekend, and Chad got to spend his first solid two hours alone with the dude walking about old town San Juan Capistrano. The shower was held at a tea house, called The … Continue reading

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I Dub Thee "Finito"

I actually completed a handwork project yesterday. Okay, so it was after the event it was intended for, but still it’s FINISHED! I actually gave the horse to my friend at her baby shower with just a partial mane and … Continue reading

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Letter to Christian at 13 Months

Dear Baby, You are meeting your first year head on and chest out. You love to walk about the neighborhood peering into people’s front porches, pointing at trees and birds, sitting on the drainage grates half-hidden in the grass, and … Continue reading

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Bella Brag Moment

Just got Bella’s report card: two A+’s and four A’s. So for a treat we trekked up to Beverly Hills and got our hair done. While we were there I got to see Yayoi Kasuma’s exhibit at Gagosian, and we … Continue reading

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Crate Training a Baby

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Freezing Strawberries

In order to freeze my strawberries so they are not frozen in one big clump: I wash and de-stem all the strawberries and then spread them on a cookie sheet or some other plate or dish (aluminum pie tins work … Continue reading

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Smooth Enough

It started when another La Leche League mom, Karen, shared her smoothie recipe with me: “Two handfuls fresh spinach 1 medium orange 1 medium to large banana 2 tbsp. ground flax (this does affect the texture so you would probably … Continue reading

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Paperback Swap

I’ve just joined yet another website. How many website and cyber handles can one person have? Wait, don’t answer that; I really don’t want to know. This one, though, promises to be useful. It is an online community of readers … Continue reading

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Back to Bittman

I got the last third of my birthday present from my brother last week, which was a copy of Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything. I know I’ve raved about this book before, and that was a borrowed copy from … Continue reading

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Pre-spam Purple Tree Story

I don’t where I heard this story before I had email and was flooded with stories like it every week – perhaps it was in one of Sark’s books (when I used to own every one) – but I think … Continue reading

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