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My sister is coming! My sister is coming!

Looks like my sister and her family are coming to visit the last two weeks in July and the first week of August. I’m starting a list of FUN THINGS TO DO IN SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY (Well, actually probably more … Continue reading

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Letter to Christian at 2 years 1 month

[youtube=] Hello Baby, The last couple of months have been rather momentous for you. In fact I don’t think you noticed your birthday (May 23) being eclipsed by the birth of your cousin Leela (May 21) at all. In fact, … Continue reading

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Elimination Communication Cheat Sheet

I’ve been asked to speak on the topic of elimination communication to the moms of local attachment parenting group (AP Living) who meet weekly. These are the notes that I will expand upon during my talk. I. Definition of Elimination … Continue reading

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The Turnip Story

Our Waldorf in the Woods summer session begins tomorrow. Our puppet show story will be The Turnip. The Turnip retold by David Sidwell One fine day at the end of summer, an old grandfather went to his garden and saw … Continue reading

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Thai Street Music

[youtube=] [youtube=]

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You Too, Can be a Pied Piper

Learn a song, or two. Kids will love you for it. I find myself singing with kids everywhere – even ones I don’t know, and I find that a little singing always, always brightens my day. We’re beginning the summer … Continue reading

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Jetlag Blues

I’m going to have to pause before I even begin and make myself a cup of tea. I can hardly keep my eyes open. Christian went down for a nap an hour ago at 4 pm – I hope he’s … Continue reading

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Entering the Final Stretch

When I tell people that I’m going to be away for five weeks, I get a lot of head shaking and incredulous looks – but listen, one) a 20-flight is a loooo-oong ride for a 2-year old, so I’d better … Continue reading

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Early Nurturing Instincts

Sometimes we are unpleasantly startled by a reflection of our own behavior in our children (like when they repeat a cuss word! at the appropriate moment!) and other times we have to give ourselves a pat on the back for … Continue reading

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The Cutest Baby in the World

Here’s a video of Leela at a big fifteen days old today. Leela is her Thai nickname and is short for the Thai word “leelawatdi” which means frangipani flower. The word “leela” by itself actually means “gesture.” “Nong” means “baby” … Continue reading

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