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Welcome to the Blogosphere, Nathen!

A blog called Nathen’s Miraculous Escape was born yesterday on Nathen’s 37th birthday. You may know him and want to check it out. You may not know him and still want to pop over there. I remember once a friend … Continue reading

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Another way to get heaven from a can…

Being a stay-at-home mom means just that – I spend a lot of time at home these days. I would get out more to see art, but the little dude just hates the car right now, so home (and places … Continue reading

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Provence-Style Chicken

I’ve returned both the Bittman cookbooks to the library and there’s a big fat empty space on my bookshelf that I keep reaching towards. After I sold my oak captain’s chair on craigslist the other day, I decided to use … Continue reading

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Heaven in a Can

I’ve seen whoop-ass, London smog, alligator meat in a can – why has nobody ever told me that heaven also comes in a can? How to make Heaven in a Can: Peel the label off one can of sweetened condensed … Continue reading

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Bella the Cheerleader

Bella is no longer swimming, playing soccer, or running. Much to my surprise, she’s cheering – and loving it. This is at a football game last Saturday night. This team competes nationally and wins! Check her out in the far … Continue reading

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Sci-fi with a Feminine Slant

It ocurred to me while I was reading Stephanie Meyer’s The Host, that I very seldom get to read science fiction written by a woman. That right there explains why I give this 600-page tome a B+; I completely applaud … Continue reading

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This is Why

I sometimes wonder if it’s worth all the effort I put into giving my stuff away – I mean, why not just hand everything over to the Salvation Army? Why bother making a zillion little piles and sending off packages … Continue reading

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How diaper-free is Christian? Not very…

So, while I am very excited to be involved in elimination communication, I have not stopped using diapers. I still miss so many pees that I don’t feel confident enough to let him go about nudie. But we did have … Continue reading

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Always a Grin for Dad

Christian’s begun teething, but still, overall, he’s a jolly baby.

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I Caught a Pee!

My mind is not frequently blown, but with this new baby I have been introduced to a concept that I had never ever considered for myself before. That is, the possibility of raising a diaper-free baby. That’s right. NO DIAPERS. … Continue reading

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