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Mrs M on Not Homeschooling Young Children

Almost daily I read the posts of a yahoo message board called, Waldorf Home Educators, because the moderator of the group, Mrs. M, has wise things to say about child-rearing and schooling alike. Here is one post of hers that … Continue reading

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Letters from Strangers

Due to I sometimes get random letters from strangers. Sometimes, I am asked to write (and get paid). I have been asked to officiate a wedding (I did – and got paid). I have been asked to do Waldorf-style … Continue reading

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I Bawled a Bit

For seventeen years, I’ve wondered at what point would I have given Bella enough love and protection that she could step forward on her own.  The first year seemed pretty darn important – and then so were all the ones … Continue reading

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Early Nurturing Instincts

Sometimes we are unpleasantly startled by a reflection of our own behavior in our children (like when they repeat a cuss word! at the appropriate moment!) and other times we have to give ourselves a pat on the back for … Continue reading

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Happy Mother's Day

I basically missed the U.S. Mother’s Day, since I was in transit over the Pacific from Saturday 3 pm Los Angeles to Monday 2 am Bangkok, but there was a funny little video waiting for me in my email when … Continue reading

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Another birthday train ride…

Aiden turned six on Monday – and he wanted the same train adventure that his sister had had for her birthday the previous month. We took the same Amtrak line south from Irvine, but stopped in Solana Beach for pizza … Continue reading

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Save the Date!

We’re getting ready for our annual World Breastfeeding Week Family Picnic. I’m in charge of the vendors. This is the meetup description I posted for my attachment parenting meetup group. YOU ARE INVITED! COME AND HAVE FUN WITH US! August … Continue reading

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The Bedtime Routine

No joke, instituting a rather strict bedtime routine has been like MAGIC. All those nights when I knew Christian was exhausted we just couldn’t get him to tip over into slumberland – are in the past. Christian is often EAGER … Continue reading

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Racheting Down a Bedtime Routine

Have I not yet recommended you read Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children by Sharifa Oppenheimer? It is a excellent parenting resource and I recommend it HIGHLY. It is the book that we are reading book … Continue reading

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My kiddo

I’m torn. It’s hard to pick what to post about first in the new year. I reread my last post (holiday photoshoot) and felt that I sounded irritated and crabby and I don’t want to start 2010 with that tone. … Continue reading

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