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Darth Vader Isn’t a Scrooge After All

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More Not-Back-To-School Camp Stuff

I know everybody thinks I’m exaggerating when say how much creativity and talent there is floating around camp, but it’s TRUE! These are teenagers, 12-19, and they are really getting on with their lives. The video below has one of … Continue reading

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Rockin’ Dudes

Sorry for the pain that the post on Christian’s accident may have caused you. I didn’t consider the alarm I would cause in other people’s minds in the midst of my own worry. Thank you for all the concerned emails … Continue reading

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A Little Nostalgia for Yucca Valley

A music video set in my old town sent by an old teaching pal (thanks Candace!) The lyrics are great: Cactus wren on a Joshua tree, fill up your cup with pints of glee. Fire up the band and the … Continue reading

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Is the Chimp a Shill?

This youtube vid my father-in-law sent me is a crack up. It’s long, but you only need to watch the first minute to get a good laugh going. [youtube=]

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Resist the usual

Of course creativity works!! Saw this clip by following a link on my friend John’s tweet. [youtube=]

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An Abecedarium for Today's Youth

You know how when you type a letter into a search box and immediately a dropdown box of suggestions appears? My friend Nathen‘s friend, Ethan, over at the blog The Quodlibertarian wrote an interesting post about measuring celebrity by how … Continue reading

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Stop Motion with Wolf and Pig

Thanks for sharing, Kimetha! [youtube=]

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Time Lapse of a Nine-Month Old Baby

Got it off Boing Boing. Pretty funny. All the grown-up interaction has been edited out (you can see the shadows). Enjoy. [youtube=]

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So Easy, Even a Chimp Can Do It…

Actually, Bella crashed three times when she tried a segway, but this crazy chimp gets the idea right away! The video is a little long (4:47), but you only have to watch 30 seconds to be laughing. It is gratifying … Continue reading

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