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The Camera and Running Sneakers are a Dead Giveaway

This is how nerdy I look as a New York Tourist. Notice the camera hooked to the belt buckle and the borrowed Jansport backpack.

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spikes vs bird poop

The metal spikes they use to keep away the pigeons are FREAKY and give me shivers whenever I see them. I know that the birds are not getting speared, but still, they bring forth images of medieval torture. I never … Continue reading

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The Food Subculture at the Back of Blimpies

Today was a happy, hot, sweaty New York day (but not without the requisite irritation with the teenagers). After a tiny bit of lazing around this morning, the girls became excited by the prospect of delicious bagels for breakfast so … Continue reading

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Chinatown Bus Debrief

We made it to New York. I am still a little irritated by the two teenage girls I am traveling with, but it’s getting better. I think, because being in the City just cheers me up, period. Although, it is … Continue reading

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Turns out that Amtrak train tickets from Washington D.C. Union Station (WAS) to NY Penn Station (NYP) are more expensive than I remember: $200 one-way – although that may be more a consequence of my lack of prior planning. Luckily, … Continue reading

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Gego in NYC Until July 21, 2007

This a show I would like to see: “Gego, Between Transparency and the Invisible” at the Drawing Center at 35 Wooster Street in Soho. Read Holland Cotter’s article about it in the NYTimes here.

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Something to see in NYC

You can read the NYTimes article called, “Illusory Characters With Startling Stage Presence,” here. It’s about new technologies being used in a new stage production in lower Manhattan – I think it’s a little like what was going on with … Continue reading

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Gordon Matta-Clark Retrospective

Aw geez. I was thinking about planning a little ski trip to Brianhead, Utah for spring break the first week of April, but now it’s looking like I’d rather go to NYC and see all the art there right now. … Continue reading

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"Opening up view to the unvisible"

I want to see Gordon Matta-Clarks’s retrospective at the Whitney in NYC. It’s there until June 3, 2007 and Holland Cotter writes all about it here. I’m going to have so much fun when my thesis is done! (My absolute … Continue reading

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Radical lace and subversive knitting

Despite the great name, this show at the newly-named Museum of Arts & Design (MAD is in NYC at 40 W. 53rd) did not get a great write-up in the NYTimes. The main criticism being that it relies upon out-of-date … Continue reading

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