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Just When I Was About to Get On With My Life

We finished the last episode of Season 3 of Battlestar Galatica last night – that show is scarily addictive. I love that the show is really about dealing with the underlying questions that might arise if there were less than … Continue reading

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Cancre Sores and How to Deal with Them

I was about to post a comment about cancre sores/herpes simplex on a friend’s blog, but when I thought about it, I realized I had more than a comment’s worth to say on the subject, having dealt with them my … Continue reading

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Kumquats and Scones

While I find myself pulling the extra pickles out of my animal-style In-and-Out burger, I am definitely craving tart salty things: marmite, stinky blue cheese, and I go to heaven when I get my hands on a plate full of … Continue reading

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My niece, Nabi Grace, doing the Frankenstein walk at ten months. [youtube=http://]

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30 Week Pregnancy Update

Holy kaMoly, this pregnancy is whizzing by fast. And more and more of my activities seem to be centered around the approaching birth date (June 3). My belly still seems small to others, but believe you me, it does not … Continue reading

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Is it really true?

I let out a knee slappin’ guffaw when I read that a British survey said that 49% of men would go without sex for six months to get a 50-inch plasma TV (Mar. 10, 2008, New Yorker). I wouldn’t do … Continue reading

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Happy Spring

Not being much for religion or religious holidays in this household, we celebrated the coming of spring last night with a roast chicken and scalloped potatoes (boy – heavy cream and gruyere will really send potatoes over the top!) and … Continue reading

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La Leche League in South OC

Fifteen years ago while I was pregnant with Bella, I started attending local La Leche League meetings in Joshua Tree to meet other breastfeeding moms. I later became so enthusiastic about breastfeeding that I became a La Leche League leader … Continue reading

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Anagram Mania…

anagrams to “An arm, I am a nag.” Yesterday I came home to looking forward to teasing my husband with the anagram his name “Chad Yarrow Murdy” produced: “Warm cruddy, hoary;” but he immediately rejoined with “Jeer on alien see,” … Continue reading

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A Non-justification for My Credit Card Debt

Let’s call it what it is – it’s not the credit card “bill” if it rolls into the next month and I have to pay a day’s worth of computer-labor to pay for the month’s interest. It’s my DEBT, and … Continue reading

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