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Contemporary Macrame

Raise your hand if you are driven crazy by your incessantly tangled earphone cords. That’s me jumping up and down with my right arm up high. I know I need to use them, but no matter how I coil them, … Continue reading

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A Little Nostalgia for Yucca Valley

A music video set in my old town sent by an old teaching pal (thanks Candace!) The lyrics are great: Cactus wren on a Joshua tree, fill up your cup with pints of glee. Fire up the band and the … Continue reading

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Rube Goldberg

I don’t know who this band is, but their Rube Goldberg contraption is great. I love an obsessive, long, imaginative Rube Goldberg machine. [youtube=]

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Maximizing Gain from Book Weeding

Living on a tight budget really ratchets up a particular quality of mine, one that has to do with being obsessed with optimization. Example: I want to get rid of a bunch of books. Is it best to a) drop … Continue reading

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Baby Mama (Put a sling on 'em)

This has been sent to me a couple of times now – got to love those mamas dancing with their babes! Thanks for sharing, Devana and Jaimie. [youtube=]

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The Fun Theory

I love the idea behind this project – of injecting fun into ordinary mundane moments of our life. Curiosity and laughter are necessary for mental and emotional health! [youtube=]

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Is the Chimp a Shill?

This youtube vid my father-in-law sent me is a crack up. It’s long, but you only need to watch the first minute to get a good laugh going. [youtube=]

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Resist the usual

Of course creativity works!! Saw this clip by following a link on my friend John’s tweet. [youtube=]

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Ha ha! and gulp.

You’ve probably already been dragged in front of a computer screen or two to watch a “literal video” – you know, where somebody spoofs an old music video by keeping the same video but singing different lyrics – often just … Continue reading

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Musical Squares

Chad’s been playing this one ever since he got the link from his brother (the brother-who-may-not-be-named-on-the-web). It’s an interesting concept: some 100 odd squares inside a large square. When you click on a square it gets played; or rather, there’s … Continue reading

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