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Most Popular Baby Names in 2008

Chad sent me an email today with a link to a local article about last year’s most popular baby names. I know most of the names already, of course, since I’ve been spending lots of time with babies born last … Continue reading

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Best Garlic Bread in the World

I’ve eaten this garlic bread twice now, and there is no doubt that it is the best I’ve ever had. In fact it is soooo decadent that it almost surpasses the category of garlic bread. Make plenty, expect it to … Continue reading

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Free Recycling Through the Mail

I fished out a couple of ink cartridges out of the trash the other day, certain that I’d seen drop-off boxes for recycling someplace where we shopped regularly. But of course, they’ve sat and sat beside my desk, because I … Continue reading

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The Things I Saw From the Train Window

[youtube=] I’m feeling quite proud of myself as I made it into LA three times by train this month to see art. Now that’s more like it. I went in on Sunday to catch at least one of the two … Continue reading

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Almost All Growned Up

You know that your kid is growing up when after not being able to swallow a pill for the first fifteen years of her life, she comes into the kitchen and asks for her “own bottle of advil” to take … Continue reading

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Some Hot EC Tips

As many of you already know, we have been practicing elimination communication with Christian since he was just a few months old. We’ve had our ups and downs, but recently now that he is eight months old, Christian has shown … Continue reading

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Reason #116 My Teenage Daughter Won't Be Seen With Me

Have you seen these “anti-shoes”? The last few times I visited my parents my mother raved and raved about her MBTs, which she wears every day, every where, including church. Except that she wears the ones that are black sandals … Continue reading

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Cooking with Mama T

Finally after lots of noise from the peanut gallery, my college buddy Tiff, put a bunch of her recipes over at a new blog just for her recipes called, Cooking with Mama T (her brother’s suggestion – pretty cute name, … Continue reading

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It didn't taste like chocolate coming back up

*Caution. Graphic description of vomiting to follow.* We are recovering from the stomach flu around here and I seem to have been hit the worst. Chad had been talking about how people at work were coming down with a 24-hour … Continue reading

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Brad Pitt or Daniel Craig?

Christian got his first haircut this weekend! I don’t mind when a baby boy has long or shaggy hair, and although Christian’s hair couldn’t be called either, his dad was fussing about the hair growing over his ears, and how … Continue reading

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