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Babies, Blankets, and Wedding Bliss

I love me a big challenge of a craft project, and suddenly these gorgeous big blanket (and carpet!) projects are flying at me from all over the web. I’ve tweeted a bit about them, but wanted the excuse to post … Continue reading

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Cheryl Ann Thomas

Posed elegantly on plinths, the furled and sometimes collapsing ceramic “artifacts” and “relics,” as sculptor Cheryl Ann Thomas calls them, seem very distantly related to their ancestral forebear, the coiled clay pot. Indeed, the swaths of charcoal gray and creamy … Continue reading

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Feeding the Family on Fish Night

The Orange-Tarragon Trout with Smoky Green Beans (from America’s Kitchen’s 30-Minute Suppers, Fall 2010) was an absolute hit at my house last night. I swear, you’d think I never cooked anything, the way everybody wolfed dinner down. And ironically, I’d … Continue reading

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Weekly Menu Planning

My food thing at the moment may seem overly controlled, but I am surprised to report that weekly menu planning not only frees me up (mentally!), but is also proving to be cost-effective. I really, really love not having that … Continue reading

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Letter to Christian at 2 years 7 months

Dear darling Christian, While some people bemoaned the rainy weather that we’ve had, you, well, you completely reveled in the rain. Your dad was on vacation the whole month of December and we dragged him along on lots of puddle … Continue reading

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Winter Circle Songs and Handplays

Here we go with another winter cycle of Playgroup in the Woods. (I’m resisting the temptation to continue calling it Waldorf in the Woods, because I’m not actually a trained Waldorf teacher.) The story will be a simplified version of … Continue reading

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Cash in Old Cell Phones

Radio Shack is currently hosting a pretty great cell phone trade-in program. Bring in all your old cell phones (sans cases, but WITH chargers for more cash) to your local Radio Shack and they will buy them off you and … Continue reading

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2011 Goals – The first three months

Hey, not bad! I’m sitting and writing down my goals on January 3. Despite the fact that I painted my toenails (with Bella’s new OPI color Extra-va-vaganza) with my first five minutes to myself of the new year (Husband -> … Continue reading

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