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Letter to Christian at 2 years 2 months

[youtube=] Dearest Christian, While there are aspects of independence-seeking toddlerhood that drive me nuts (practicing your ability to say, I don’t want to go pee, when you clearly need to go – and then throwing a tantrum when I pull … Continue reading

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World Breastfeeding Week Picnic 2010

Sierra, a local LLL mom and dear friend, is interviewed below by Patina, another friend from my attachment parenting meetup group, about our upcoming picnic. Patina orchestrated this interview to post at her website: The interview is filmed at … Continue reading

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Two Things About Joshua Tree

I wish I were going to say, “Joshua Trees and burrowing owls” but I’m going to have to go with SWAMP COOLERS AND HULA HOES. Two things I never think about until I’m here and hula hoe-ing the whole damn … Continue reading

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Hot Pot

My favorite quote about eating Korean food (which is famously hot – in both senses of the word) “If I don’t sweat, how do I know I’ve eaten?” [youtube=] Hotness in Korean food is so important that we have a … Continue reading

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The Help

My sister’s family has a wonderful maid/nanny who is very well paid in terms of her peers. She is sweet, friendly, intelligent, hard-working – and she knows how to stay out of your way, which is important, I came to … Continue reading

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That Girl has Sass on Her

Me: Bella, You have A LOT of clothes. Bella: And you Mom, have a lot of YARN.

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