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Two Times Fifteen

We had intended to rent a 10-foot truck for the move yesterday, but the local Budget Truck rental place was all out and gave us a 15-footer for the same price. Two full loads later, and we’re MOVED! Much thanks … Continue reading

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Today I get to walk through our new place and get the keys. TODAY! Even though we’ve been packing all month – we’re still not quite finished and I can see that starting today things are going to kick up … Continue reading

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Giddy with Power

As I mentioned in a previous post, Bella and her friend from out of town (yes, Dawkins) got in a lot of trouble for sneaking out (to go swimming) at 2 am last Wednesday. Well, I had a dilemma because … Continue reading

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Kung POW! @$&*

We are in the beginning hectic swirl of moving to another condo. This weekend we moved the majority of the upstairs furniture (master bedroom and Bella’s bedroom) into the garage. Our plan is to be ready for a moving truck … Continue reading

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Me: So, do you still wish we’d had a girl? Chad: What? Naw! This is as good as it gets – right here [gazing down at his pally-wally in his arms…]

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Oh Joy!

Today the woman I met through Freecycle and I carpooled to a market she knew about in Irvine: a KOREAN MARKET! And although I was tired and grumpy (I woke up last night at 2am to discover that Bella and … Continue reading

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Meet my new best friend, Mark Bittman

At my six week check-up with Karen, my midwife, my red blood cells were up but not quite high enough to satisfy Karen. And since I’m not planning on visiting another doctor anytime soon to check those levels again, Chad … Continue reading

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AP Euro with Bella

Me: So do you know what the Labor Party is? Bella: Nope. Me: Well, what are the two main parties in the United States? Bella: Fireworks? Me: ?!? Bella: Well they don’t do fireworks in England for the 4th of … Continue reading

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More Daddy and Baby Sweetness

Photo by Corrina.

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Another Good Read

Although I find myself frustrated in my efforts to complete my to-do list everyday, I have more time to read, since it is something I can do easily while holding a nursing or sleeping baby. I’ve just finished The Golden … Continue reading

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