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Letters from Strangers

Due to I sometimes get random letters from strangers. Sometimes, I am asked to write (and get paid). I have been asked to officiate a wedding (I did – and got paid). I have been asked to do Waldorf-style … Continue reading

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Digesting Words

From an Art in America magazine (Jan 2012) sitting in my bathroom, I read “Being a writer is like being a piece of photographic paper. Everything makes an impression upon you, and you have to stop and take stock of … Continue reading

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Letter to Christian, Age 4 Years

Dear Christian, I know Forest Kindergarten twice a week is a good thing, but I feel some trepidation – you are becoming a very robust, active guy.  I fear you will soon outstrip me in hiking and climbing. As it … Continue reading

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So Happy, We Cried

  Last week I experienced a deeply moving wedding ceremony. The festivities were spread out over three days, including a welcome dinner at the stylish rental house where the Alder Family were ensconced and a Korean BBQ in Joshua Tree … Continue reading

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Will Work for Knife

Last month we harvested a literal ton of red cabbage for Second Harvest, a local food bank. Turns out that if you hand Christian a knife, he will work tirelessly at whatever task you set upon him…as long as it … Continue reading

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May Songs

These are just the four seasonal songs and handplays I change out every month. i am the earth and the earth is me, i am right where i am supposed to be , i am loving and loved, secure and … Continue reading

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Contemporary Macrame

Raise your hand if you are driven crazy by your incessantly tangled earphone cords. That’s me jumping up and down with my right arm up high. I know I need to use them, but no matter how I coil them, … Continue reading

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In lieu of traveling…

I like to plan out the time when friends and family visit ME. Outsiders may see it as controlling, but so far, everyone just rolls with it. I posted one such summer itinerary here. When my brother saw the post … Continue reading

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