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The New Pup

I call her Bat-head or Milk Dud.

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wedding cakes

I suppose it was obvious when I was interviewing Songbae’s friend Jennifer about cake-making, that I was considering baking our wedding cake myself. Just because it looked fun! (And because it’s killing me to think about spending $300 on a … Continue reading

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My Best Christmas Present

Sometimes it takes a month or two (or longer) to appreciate a gift. But this one started ahead and stayed ahead. I wear the denim apron Asia made for me every single day. It protects me from everything! I love … Continue reading

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Debriefing the Oscars

Well, it all went pretty much as expected (and as I predicted) – both Helen Mirrin and Forrest Whittaker sure deserved their best actor awards, and I’m glad that Alan Arkin (grandpa in Little Miss Sunshine) won best supporting over … Continue reading

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nice quote about art

This quote by Styrian artist Werner Reiterer arrived in my email today embedded in an eflux ad: “I believe that art per se is actually always about to develop new rules as to how one may perceive the world” I’ll … Continue reading

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books rec's from a well-read friend

On Tuesdays Bella likes to go home and sleepover at her friend’s house;  a friend who has TV reception, so that they can watch Desperate Housewives and Gilmore Girls (saved by TiBo). I’ve never watched Desperate Housewives myself, but I … Continue reading

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how to make a gorgeous birthday cake

Our first day in San Fran, Chad and I had the fortune to happen upon a birthday party in Songbae’s office building. The guy who was celebrating his birthday was not there – no doubt at home, celebrating without us, … Continue reading

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Puppy poop

Good thing Giselle’s little puppy poops are only two inches long or else I might be far more irritated. Chad came home with her Friday night and she is even smaller than I remembered! But she has settled in pretty … Continue reading

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"Opening up view to the unvisible"

I want to see Gordon Matta-Clarks’s retrospective at the Whitney in NYC. It’s there until June 3, 2007 and Holland Cotter writes all about it here. I’m going to have so much fun when my thesis is done! (My absolute … Continue reading

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Korean Baby Traditions

My sister has pointed out to me that there is no such Korean custom as not having a baby touch the ground for the first 100 days of its life. Bella’s dad and I had a big party when Bella … Continue reading

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