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African Dreams

My friend Jodi leaves for Africa today; she’s going on a once-in-a-lifetime safari with the San People for two weeks to experience their culture and way of living. And she gets to go with Jon Young!! (One of Tom Brown, … Continue reading

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Letter to Christian at 2 Years 11 Months

Dear Christian, Well, nobody really thought we were going to get out of the two’s without some struggle did they? So a few things get broken, shirts get stained, and mama’s label-maker gets thrown off the porch – yup, you’ve … Continue reading

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Culver City Art Day

Chad, Christian, my friend Ellen, and I spent Saturday cruising through the art scene in Culver City. It was quiet and on the hot sunny side. We made it through over a dozen shows (George Billis, Blum&Poe, Cherry and Martin, … Continue reading

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Make Your Own T-Shirts (like a pro)

My neighbor recently had a dragon training-themed birthday party for her 4-year son (a post unto itself), which gave me an opportunity to try making a dragon t-shirt for the birthday boy (and his little brother and Christian…) I knit … Continue reading

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