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No Cause for Alarm

No need to worry, my  politics have not u-turned in the middle of the night. I am not a supporter of Sarah Palin. A day or two ago I posted about Penelope Trunk’s blog admiring a post or two of … Continue reading

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The Article I Wish I had Written about the Blogger I Wish I Was

Just back from my Knit Pig Meetup, which was smaller than anticipated because of a local outbreak of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Virus (yuck). Because so many people had wanted to attend the meetup, I had shifted the location of … Continue reading

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Cooking with Mama T

Finally after lots of noise from the peanut gallery, my college buddy Tiff, put a bunch of her recipes over at a new blog just for her recipes called, Cooking with Mama T (her brother’s suggestion – pretty cute name, … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Blogosphere, Nathen!

A blog called Nathen’s Miraculous Escape was born yesterday on Nathen’s 37th birthday. You may know him and want to check it out. You may not know him and still want to pop over there. I remember once a friend … Continue reading

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New Blog Alert

For those of you like me, who were dismayed when Laura’s blog, blue heliotrope, dropped off the radar, she’s back, reborn as a mother; blog name: il piccolino. Laura and I wrote and illustrated countless stories together as kids and … Continue reading

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Posting Blues

When I gets like this I can’t even look my computer in the face when I come into the room. Just generally feeling under the weather: mopey and moody. Today we saw Juno in the theater, which was great, but … Continue reading

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Behind the Blog: Womantalk

Okay, it’s a bit of a joke. I thought it was pretty cool how the folks over at Apartment Therapy did a feature on Heather Armstrong’s, a.k.a., blogging workspace and I happened to have a couple of completely unposed … Continue reading

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Ooooh. I’m torn between posts – actually between a post and a page. I know I need to encapsulate the notes from the last Money Talk as soon as possible (because I was a lazy note-taker and I have a … Continue reading

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the cyber boondocks

I am feeling more than slightly provincial. My explorations into outer space are freaking me out man! I remember my first intrepid step into public cyberspace. I did it with a friend. It was years ago, when she and I … Continue reading

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I'm not feeling defensive about being at home…

Strangely, Monday still feels like Monday when I am “not working,” because dang it, looking for work is an odious job – practically as bad as working; I’m under-appreciated by prospective employers (ahem, ignored might be a better word) and … Continue reading

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