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Conquering New Territory

I busted through two previously intimidating hurtles of domesticity this week: I sewed zippers and I made refrigerator cookies. This, and I drank many cups of tea – my shoulders are slightly tense. My sewing machine started to act funky … Continue reading

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My Beautiful Cervix

I just saw something I’ve never seen before: a cervix! To be exact, thirty-three photos of the same (normal) cervix taken once a day for an entire menstrual cycle – with notes. The site is called My Beautiful Cervix. Very … Continue reading

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Jay Sagen's Imago Ignota

The uniform square shape of Jay Sagen’s seven 4’x 4’ paintings serve to neatly frame strange black and white biomorphic blobs and drips; each panel is a single glimpse into a larger, unknown, whole. The abstract pools of latex paint … Continue reading

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EC (Elimination Communication) Successes

I haven’t posted much about elimination communication lately, because frankly I was getting pretty discouraged. We’ve stopped using diaper covers at home so that we could more aware of Christian’s elimination and discovered that the little tyke was actually peeing … Continue reading

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CB08 (California Biennal, 2008)

Ostensibly capturing the pulse of contemporary art in California, this year’s Biennal expansively includes the works of more than thirty artists on site – and a dozen more have projects off-site from Joshua Tree to San Francisco. The inclusion of … Continue reading

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The Greenest Thing I've Ever Made

I posted about the enchiladas I’ve made before with Maya, which uses an incredible amount of fresh greens in the green sauce, but two nights ago I upped the ante by filling the enchiladas with greens as well. The filling: … Continue reading

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Fruit Sling Ti-Ti

Chad was just last night speculating how much Noi naa, my niece, was going to enjoy her cousin Christian this Christmas now that he’s grinning and recognizing people so well. She loved him when he couldn’t much more than lean … Continue reading

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Sittin' Pretty on the Potty

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It's Called Sleeping in the Bed You Make

I got an strange email the other day through Facebook. Possibly the strangest one I’ve received since I got online in 1991. I was contacted by the current wife of a man I dated over twenty years ago. A woman … Continue reading

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Letter to Christian at 6 Months

Dear Christian, I can hear you sleeping on the bed behind me making small snuffling sounds as you dream of … reaching all those exciting objects that seem just out of reach? Month Five seems to have been primarily about … Continue reading

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