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Florida Summer Memories

I’m looking to book my flight to Boca this summer for another adventurous three weeks in hot steamy Florida. Two moms, five kids, we sure fit in a lot of fun. Here are some snaps of last year’s vacation, in … Continue reading

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500 Miles from Home

I suppose 500 miles is a reasonable distance for a first day’s travel. I suppose that even if I were running away, this is about as far as I could get in a day. I’m not running away, but it … Continue reading

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Add ten pounds to that…

I have consumed an enormous amount of food during this cruise. All of us are joking about having forgotten what it feels like to be hungry. My favorite joke is that it only takes 3 cruises to reach the size … Continue reading

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Cruising with the Family

[Posted in Bar Harbor, Maine in a little laundromat off Cottage Street. Headed to Bridge Street next, where we hope to walk over to a little island while the tide is low. This town is quiet and quaint. My parents … Continue reading

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This Hurricane That I Call My Life

So, Christian and I are now in Korea. How did that happen you might ask? It was some combination of family reunion and an offer to pay for my travel expenses and suddenly we are here in the heart of … Continue reading

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Jetlag Blues

I’m going to have to pause before I even begin and make myself a cup of tea. I can hardly keep my eyes open. Christian went down for a nap an hour ago at 4 pm – I hope he’s … Continue reading

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14+3+3=20 hours

My baby is a traveling champ! Even the guy sitting next to me from LA to Taipei (14 hours) said so. We boarded the plane at LAX around 3 pm Saturday after gorging ourselves on Mexican food at the airport … Continue reading

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The Monique-Murdy Cycle of Acceptance

Somehow I always seem to have more of an appetite for travel than the rest of my family, which seems (to me) easily solved by hopping off for a travel adventure on my own with baby in tow. But it … Continue reading

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Cambodia – dreams, dinner and decadence

My brother Songbae’s last missive from Cambodia: “not necessarily in that order: dinner – phnom penh has a lot of koreans and korean resturaunts. went to one last night called pyong yang. all the waitresses are from north korea. they … Continue reading

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A Postable Email from Songbae

My brother is still whooping it up in SE Asia (as his 40th birthday looms near on the 21st of September…) and I got this email from him this morning: “forgot to mention that i bribed a cop today when … Continue reading

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