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Bedrest for Titi

I have a heck of time finishing projects. It’s not just procrastination, but also a small dose of boredom and a great deal of resistance to finicky detail. I get excited once the end is in sight, and somehow lose … Continue reading

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An Abecedarium for Today's Youth

You know how when you type a letter into a search box and immediately a dropdown box of suggestions appears? My friend Nathen‘s friend, Ethan, over at the blog The Quodlibertarian wrote an interesting post about measuring celebrity by how … Continue reading

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Pigs and Things

At my husband’s urging, Christian and I have decided to forego all get-togethers where lots of babies exchange saliva chewing each other’s toys this week – what with swine flu breaking out all over California. Bella’s principal even called last … Continue reading

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A Spot of Richness

We’ve finally cashed in all of my brother’s citibank thank you points (earlier post about this) for two ipod touches (8 gig for me, 16 gig for my sister); a $100 gift certificate to Bloomingdale’s for Bella (she got her … Continue reading

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Letter to Christian – Month 11

Dear Christian, You are completely crashed out on the bed behind me as you are so often while I am writing. You are sleeping even more deeply than usual these last few days because you have the discovered the thrill … Continue reading

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Backpack Debrief

I’m a bit delinquent posting about the backpack Chad, Baby, and I went on over spring break – but it was just too depressing to post about it without the pics and video I took on the new camera. Because … Continue reading

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Stop Motion with Wolf and Pig

Thanks for sharing, Kimetha! [youtube=]

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Crochet Your Own Woolen Soaker

I’m up late finishing an art capsule or two for my spending money this month and thinking about how I am going to get my house in order before a dozen moms with toddlers in tow show up tomorrow at … Continue reading

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The second show of the art collective named TRANS, TRANSformal offers a peek at abstract painting from nine artists from Munich, San Francisco, Tokyo, and upstate New York, revealing similar formal concerns with color and context. Nancy White’s petite steel … Continue reading

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Steaming Hot and Caffeinated

I just drank my first cup of black tea in six weeks. I’m not religious, but like many of the folks around me, I borrow freely from religions as it suits me. I have been known to meditate, do yoga, … Continue reading

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