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Most Mind-Numbing Chore Ever

is stopping JUNK MAIL. I waded through two months of mail,  called every single company, and asked to be taken off their mailing list. They do not make it easy. That’s what I did today, all day. I did it … Continue reading

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Things I Love About C.H.A.D.

Climb- Hardened Attack Droid One delightful aspect of my new husband is that Moe believes that Chad is Nathen‘s imaginary friend, and made a documentary to prove it. Neither Chad or I have ever met Moe (who is Nathen‘s roommate … Continue reading

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Chad has declared a two hundred fifty dollar weight loss contest for the month of August. He proposed that the money should come out of the wedding gift money (lots!) and I suggested that the money should be used towards … Continue reading

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The Photo Scavenger Hunt That Might Have Been

1. Bella and Dawkins with a kid going to a Harry Potter party on the New York subway. (The kid is dressed as Professor Lupin.) 2. Dawkins holding a sleeping baby.   3. Bella and Dawkins in an art gallery … Continue reading

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Mental Note

The best place to sleep in the desert is outside. I went back to Joshua Tree this week as a visitor. Strange, how you can leave a place one day as a resident and come back as a visitor the … Continue reading

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Corrina's Photo Scavenger Hunt

After Chad’s brother, and then my brother challenged Bella and Dawkins to a photo scavenger hunt, Corrina jumped in on the action: “Okay here’s mine $1 each, and another $5 each if you get them all: 1. Bella holding Dawkins … Continue reading

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the worst box of misc. ever

That box labeled “OFFICE MISC.” that I opened up yesterday? The one that made me call it quits for the day? The one that turned out to be the contents of junk drawer from my classroom teacher desk from when … Continue reading

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…that invisible, temporary shelf…"

Just back from surfing through djtim’s blog and found a link to this nifty site, called lifehacker, that tells you how to do ten more things with your clipboard: “One of the greatest features the point and click interface brought … Continue reading

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As I work through processing my inbox, it seems as though I have already implemented many of David Allen’s ideas in my own personal systems; usually I go through all my things, sort them out; and I have a well-developed … Continue reading

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a nudge

Usually it takes two mentions before a book recommendation starts to make waves in my radar. Right now, I am fully immersed in the ideas of David Allen’s Getting Things Done. First introduced to me by my friend Nathen, I … Continue reading

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