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The stage was very simple with a single wooden workstand, a wooden crate, a mike, and a red fabric background. One guy ambled onto stage and began to tell a story by singing a story of the sea. Then he … Continue reading

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Stingray Shuffle

So there is a price to pay for warm and glassy beautiful ocean waters. During my forest kindergarten promo class this week, a woman was stung by a stingray, and spent a good part of an hour crying and being … Continue reading

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In lieu of traveling…

I like to plan out the time when friends and family visit ME. Outsiders may see it as controlling, but so far, everyone just rolls with it. I posted one such summer itinerary here. When my brother saw the post … Continue reading

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Cow-Calf Combo

Last week Christian and I joined a few friends on a whale watching boat tour out of Dana Point Harbor. I’ve always considered whale-watching to a bit of a touristy thing, because after all I have seen whales feeding just … Continue reading

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Holy Jim Trail – Winter 2012

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I Heart Paddleboarding

I think I’ve found my sport. Have you seen all the folks out on the ocean, standing up and paddling along the coast on something that looks like a surfboard? I dismissed it as a trendy expensive fad – but … Continue reading

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Grunion Run 2011 or How I Found Myself on the Beach at Midnight Chasing Fish

It’s grunion season. Grunion are little silvery fish who like to ride high tides up the sand, mate, lay eggs, and then flop back into the sea. We happen to live near beaches where this happens. Since the grunion like … Continue reading

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I Swear I’m Not Controlling…

Well, maybe I am.* Here’s my suggested schedule for when my brother and sister visit next week. But truly, these are suggestions and totally up for revision and spontaneity. It’s just that I find it reassuring to work with even … Continue reading

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U.S.S. Midway

Last week, a few of us moms took advantage of a homeschooling group deal to take the Amtrak train down to San Diego and back to Irvine for just $10 (normally something like $45). We discovered at the last minute … Continue reading

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Stealth Visit to Disneyland

I took Christian to Disneyland for the first time this afternoon. It was a very different experience than I imagined after hearing all about Minne’s house from my 3 1/2 old niece who visited for the first time this summer. … Continue reading

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