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Grow Your Own Easter Basket Grass

Once you’ve grown your own grass, you’ll never go back to the plastic stuff. Or even the paper stuff – you’ll quickly discover that they are poor substitutes for the vibrancy of real living wheatgrass sprouting before your eyes. And … Continue reading

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May Faire

One of my favorite events of last year was the May Faire that was hosted by the Waldorf School of Orange County and it’s almost that time again. This year’s May Faire will be May 1, 2010. I am definitely … Continue reading

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Letter to Christian at 22 Months

Hi Baby! You are gently snoring away on the bed behind me as I type. Your Ganma came to spend the day with you last week, and she kept making comments on the variation of, “Boy! He sure has a … Continue reading

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Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day

The way my friend Sierra responded when I tried to show her this book mirrored my own reluctance to take on yet another fad – and then my quick acceptance and now championing of the book by Jeff Hertzberg and … Continue reading

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Kyrgyzstan Scholarship

Many of you know that my brother Songbae, once a well-heeled finance banker in NYC, is now working for a non-profit economic development organization in Kyrgyzstan. He’s returning to his Peace Corps roots, I think. In any case he’s setting … Continue reading

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Spring Cycle 4 Circle Songs

Here are the new songs we’ll be using for our Waldorf in the Woods playgroup in April and May. Aren’t we lucky to have Jaimie’s lovely voice accompanying my piano plinking? A Little Garden Flower A little garden flower is … Continue reading

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Alex Katz

It is a pleasure to see the landscapes and smaller works of Alex Katz, who is largely known for his portraits; they are imbued with the same stillness and inquiry into form and color that informs his more famous works. … Continue reading

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Woolen Pompom Chicks

I’d like to post all the crafts we did for our cycle 4 of the Waldorf in the Woods playgroup, but this particular craft deserves a post of its own. With Devana‘s directions (she’s our friend who happens to be … Continue reading

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Taking Care of Baby Teeth

One might think that since I played games with names like Who Can Go the Longest Without Brushing Their Teeth as a child that I might not be a good source of information on this particular topic. Public opinion has … Continue reading

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Finishing One Project at a Time

However painful it is, my projects do sometimes reach a conclusion. I like beginnings better. Here are two endings from this week. Now to tackle Christian’s woolen vest that I started last winter. Just need to do the neck and … Continue reading

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