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Sock Love

When I learned to knit as a kid – I think it was as a Pioneer Girl (like Girl Scouts) to earn a badge – my mother passed her knitting equipment to me. I used the heck out of everything … Continue reading

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Montana de oro

As Chad put it, our best Thanksgiving ever. I was only sad not to spend it with Bella, but she spent her Thanksgiving with her dad in Joshua Tree (and was very excited about experiencing Black Friday at the Cabazon … Continue reading

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Hands in the air if

you’re thinking about food right now. Although I thought I would skip the food stress around Thanksgiving – planning a couple night’s worth of meals for camping proved to require just as much foresight and preparation. True, I didn’t make … Continue reading

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The Elves' Faire

We had a blast yesterday at the 24th Annual Elves’ Faire put on by the Pasadena Waldorf School. Really. Amazing. Imagine a fair or carnival designed FOR KIDS, but with all natural materials, nature- and magic-oriented, and nearly everything handmade … Continue reading

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The Sound Wood Makes

I don’t what sound wood makes, but you could ask Christian. One of his favorite pastimes is to “plug” a pair of old airline headphones into a small hole in a wooden pestle (as in mortar and pestle) and walk … Continue reading

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Jeanne Silverthorne

Ernest, but playful, like a female Tim Hawkinson, but not nearly so self-obsessed, Jeanne Silverthorne fills a gallery with tongue-in-cheek objects: botanical flora and fauna and other objects from her studio – all cast in rubber. The resistance rubber has … Continue reading

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That's some very nice proscuitti!

Quickly now, so the finished book doesn’t languish in one of my slippery piles under my desk, a post about Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma. I have two words for you: READ IT. I am admittedly, the kind of person who … Continue reading

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Grateful for

my impending health. After having been knocked flat on my heiny for about 24 hours. Although a child in our playgroup was (momentarily) suspected of having the measles, and the girl I drive home after school was diagnosed with bronchitis, … Continue reading

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Craft-o-rama Waldorf-style

We’ve just completed one full cycle of our Waldorf in the Woods playgroup and the second cycle starts this Thursday. Eeeep! My intent was to ride the momentum of the first cycle through the start of the second cycle, since … Continue reading

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