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Deputy Marriage Commissioner for a Day

Something I like about life? It is so dang unpredictable. I was asked to solemnize a marriage ceremony in Joshua Tree. This is not something I have ever wished to do. Neither is it something anybody in my family has … Continue reading

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Piles and Piles of Presents

Forgive me if I have ever complained about being broke in these posts – because Chad and I received such an overwhelming truckload of wedding gifts from all our friends and family – that really, neither of us have any … Continue reading

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Some More Wedding Weekend

A few more nice shots from Stephanie Fowler of from the reception on Saturday night.     And more photos taken anonymously with my camera at the lox and bagels spread on Sunday. And at the dance class (the … Continue reading

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More Wedding Ceremony Pics

Chad’s last unmarried moments.   My flower girls: Bella and Dawkins The flower girl bouquets that Ellen made. The procession to the marriage tree. Songbae getting dressed en route. My mother. Witnessing the wedding ceremony. Inge, our officiant. The wedding … Continue reading

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Birth, Death, and Marriage (with photos)

I’ve just mailed all the wedding thank you’s, and I’ve promised everybody wedding pics. But it seems strange to post the pics without a narrative, so I am recycling my original wedding ceremony post and adding photos. And in order … Continue reading

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Birth, Marriage, and Death

Boy, is my brother giving me a hard time, “You write about the wedding for three months and then it happens and you don’t post about it? Do you want to lose every reader you have?!” Sheeeeesh. So, for those … Continue reading

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SNA to IAD (Orange County to Washington D.C. via Fort Worth)

My god, it’s been so long since I’ve been on my computer that I have half-forgotten how to get around on it. And even though I have been writing posts nigh near continuously in my head, now that I am … Continue reading

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I think Chad and I are going to get a little baby chocolate chihuahua puppy for Bella – as “wedding” gift. Her nickname is Little Miss Naked because she is short-haired and her mama is long-haired. By my friend’s account, … Continue reading

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wedding progress

Just to balance out last night’s black post I thought I’d list some of the wedding planning that has been accomplished. 1. Chad’s getting a 4 mm platinum wedding band (size eight) from He thought he was a gold … Continue reading

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thesis pain versus wedding planning pain

In my first year of writing my thesis, one of the original members of my thesis committe (Alison Pearlman, who wrote Unpacking the Art of the 1980s) made this casual comment: Maybe you should just forget the old draft and … Continue reading

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