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Seeing Art in Insadong

Despite all the illness at the tail end of of my Korea trip – I did get out and do much more touristy stuff than I’d expected. Or at least as much as one might reasonably expect while staying in … Continue reading

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Developing versus Developed

I asked my brother whether Korea was considered a first or second world country, because, frankly, I could be in NYC except that everything is in Korean. He thought first – but then made it clear that talking about countries … Continue reading

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Rooms of Naked Korean Women

I feel very clean. Very very clean. Christian and I visited the bath house for the second time yesterday and I do believe that my father was right; all that soaking in warm water helped us sleep well and transition … Continue reading

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Hot Pot

My favorite quote about eating Korean food (which is famously hot – in both senses of the word) “If I don’t sweat, how do I know I’ve eaten?” [youtube=] Hotness in Korean food is so important that we have a … Continue reading

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50% vs 100%

I tell you, Christian looks like a white boy in comparison!

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Oh Joy!

Today the woman I met through Freecycle and I carpooled to a market she knew about in Irvine: a KOREAN MARKET! And although I was tired and grumpy (I woke up last night at 2am to discover that Bella and … Continue reading

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North Korea Opens Up

But transliteration is still painful; the North Korean town that is now open to tourists is named Gay Song. Watch a 2:35 minute BBC news clip about it here (but be prepared to watch a 20 sec commercial first).

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Squeaky McClean

I’m sitting in Water Canyon eating a spinach and walnut salad, sipping a jasmine tea, and sitting to some pretty good music being belted out by a songwriter passing through town (Corby Lanker?). Bella and Dawkins are hanging out with … Continue reading

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What American accent do you have?

If you are interested in the answer to this question, take this short quiz here. (Thanks for sharing this one, Al.) Apparently, I have virtually no accent. This was what I got at the end of my quiz: “Your accent … Continue reading

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Korean Baby Traditions

My sister has pointed out to me that there is no such Korean custom as not having a baby touch the ground for the first 100 days of its life. Bella’s dad and I had a big party when Bella … Continue reading

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