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I guess fourth graders just like ball games that involve lots of rules. When Bella entered public school for the first time in fourth grade at Friendly Hills Elementary she was immediately obsessed with this strange game at recess called … Continue reading

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Napa Crunch

How does any working person ever get anything done? It boggles my mind that I held a full-time job just last year, because I can barely work part-time and get a soup made in one day. Much less get through … Continue reading

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Now That I'm Home,

what’s there to post? And just to clarify, I had explicit permission from Chad to post the picture in the now-deleted post that was called, “Rainy Day Activity: Alpha-Sort.” After seeing the kinds of comments it was garnering and a … Continue reading

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Tips for Traveling in Thailand

I’m on the plane for another ten hours from Taipei to Los Angeles, so I might as well take the time to write a meaty post. A friend is planning to take her whole family to Thailand next summer, so … Continue reading

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Home Again, Home Again

I’m completely wiped out but home safe. My whole body aches from the plane ride. And I must have acclimated to the warm Thai weather, because I’m presently wearing socks, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and a sweat shirt. It … Continue reading

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How To Bribe a Thai Policeman

The thing about blogging is that you don’t have any stories left to tell when you come home from your travels. Ha, just kidding – I never run out of stories (or as my sister would remind me, the energy … Continue reading

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Bangkok Butterfly House

This is not a major Bangkok attraction, but a pleasant out-of-the-way retreat in the middle of a large shady languishing park. It’s free too. Today, the butterflies were mating. Apparently they like different positions too.

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33 Days to the Oscars

In a small frenzy of cyber house-cleaning, I finally finished my post, Top Ten Movies of 2007, so if you think my tastes might be similar to yours, feel free to check it out. The post also includes Chad’s Top … Continue reading

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Thai Critters

This last weekend we spent time walking on the beach because it was so much more pleasant than walking on the dusty road avoiding rubble and mangy stray dogs. I was intrigued and then charmed by the designs the crabs … Continue reading

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Aroi, Aroi

On our last day at the beach, we thought we’d treat ourselves (again) and go try out lunch at Evason. However, we woke up from our morning naps and discovered that we didn’t have enough time to walk the couple … Continue reading

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