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Alina’s Birth Story

Nothing like holding a sleeping 4-day old babe in a sling while writing about her birth. Especially as I am not the one recovering from the labor. Nothing like sitting and typing while my 4-day old niece is peacefully nursing … Continue reading

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Alina Nari Lee

Where did that name come from?! That’s the $1,000,000 question in the house – here and in Kyrgyzstan, Olga’s mother country. In both countries, it was widely circulated that the new baby was named Katherine. Let’s just be clear, that … Continue reading

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The Waiting Game

I am up at midnight – typing instead of sleeping – waiting for my sister-in-law to wake up to tell me it’s time to go to the hospital. This is the part of pregnancy, labor, and birth that I ALWAYS … Continue reading

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Girl Names

SONGBAE AND OLGA ARE HAVING A GIRL. Due February 2013. Can you tell I’m excited? Songbae has asked for help in the name department. Chad submitted Eve and Veda (Christian’s alternate name had he been born a girl). I (still) … Continue reading

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Camping in Big Bear with Kidlets

Big Bear was our third camping trip in three weeks – which was pretty ambitious for camping with a 2-month old, but somehow worked out with the help of a supportive Ganma and Gampy. We camped at Serrano Campground in … Continue reading

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Early Nurturing Instincts

Sometimes we are unpleasantly startled by a reflection of our own behavior in our children (like when they repeat a cuss word! at the appropriate moment!) and other times we have to give ourselves a pat on the back for … Continue reading

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The Cutest Baby in the World

Here’s a video of Leela at a big fifteen days old today. Leela is her Thai nickname and is short for the Thai word “leelawatdi” which means frangipani flower. The word “leela” by itself actually means “gesture.” “Nong” means “baby” … Continue reading

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2010-5-21, 21-21

If it hadn’t been for the curfew, the baby would have been born in the back seat of a truck cab. We arrived at the hospital at 8:59 pm (one minute to spare) and the sweetest little girl rushed out … Continue reading

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Taking Care of Baby Teeth

One might think that since I played games with names like Who Can Go the Longest Without Brushing Their Teeth as a child that I might not be a good source of information on this particular topic. Public opinion has … Continue reading

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The Bedtime Routine

No joke, instituting a rather strict bedtime routine has been like MAGIC. All those nights when I knew Christian was exhausted we just couldn’t get him to tip over into slumberland – are in the past. Christian is often EAGER … Continue reading

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