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I Heart Paddleboarding

I think I’ve found my sport. Have you seen all the folks out on the ocean, standing up and paddling along the coast on something that looks like a surfboard? I dismissed it as a trendy expensive fad – but … Continue reading

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The Amazing Jiggling Rainbow Cake

Yup. I made it. Have made it THREE TIMES ALREADY THIS SUMMER. This one was the first one, made in a fancy borrowed bundt pan. We were rushed and we made it (my s-i-l and me) the day of the … Continue reading

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My favorite thing

Towards the end of the cruise I asked everybody what had been their favorite thing about the cruise – My brother said that bunking with Bella (his 17-year old niece) was a highlight (!!); that she’d been good company. Joss … Continue reading

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Add ten pounds to that…

I have consumed an enormous amount of food during this cruise. All of us are joking about having forgotten what it feels like to be hungry. My favorite joke is that it only takes 3 cruises to reach the size … Continue reading

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Cruising with the Family

[Posted in Bar Harbor, Maine in a little laundromat off Cottage Street. Headed to Bridge Street next, where we hope to walk over to a little island while the tide is low. This town is quiet and quaint. My parents … Continue reading

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Grunion Run 2011 or How I Found Myself on the Beach at Midnight Chasing Fish

It’s grunion season. Grunion are little silvery fish who like to ride high tides up the sand, mate, lay eggs, and then flop back into the sea. We happen to live near beaches where this happens. Since the grunion like … Continue reading

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My Secrets Of Adulthood

In the midst of family visiting this week, I woke up with a start this morning and realized July 1 was a paperwork deadline for a $50 bonus. That’s TODAY. I have Christian down to nap and am busily writing … Continue reading

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