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Santa’s Last-Minute Workings

Reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides which doesn’t sound like a very Christmas-y book (it’s not), but it IS all about family and history. It got me thinking about how easy it is to lose our family history – sadly, it … Continue reading

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Advent, Advent, a candle burns…

I’m finding that the new holidays I celebrate with my kids are my favorite ones; when festivals and ceremonies are created, they can be made with thought and love and without sugary treats and material gifts. This is the second … Continue reading

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Christmas Shopping at Costco

The following events are typical for my family in the holiday season: 1. My father cut me a check for $1500 and asked me to buy gifts for everybody in the family ($200 for me, my siblings, and spouses; $100 … Continue reading

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Preview of Margie Livingston at Luis de Jesus (coming Jan 22, 2011)

(Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, Santa Monica) It started with a hairball. Margie Livingston wondered if she could draw the light filtering through that hairball —and with this challenge, launched herself into an exploration of depicting 3D space in 2D … Continue reading

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Margie Livingston

I’ve been writing and thinking about Margie Livingston’s recent sculptures this week. And then somewhere along the line, I started flipping through her old paintings. I realized with a jolt that I already knew her work! In fact, she and … Continue reading

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The Wonderful Wallaby

Many moms ask me where I find the time to knit. Well, handwork is one activity I CAN do when I’m hanging out with Christian – so I knit all the time, even standing in line at Disneyland. I do … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks at Jalama

Camping at the beach is always a treat in SoCal. To the coastline I say: I love your bone structure. No cell phone reception for 48 hours helped me stay focused on the moment. My husband was content and my … Continue reading

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Letter to Christian at 2 1/2 years old

Dear Christian, You’ve cast away aside your diggers and trucks for your brand-spanking freshly whittled bow drill fire kit, that your dad made for you tonight. As you tell me in this video, you are “Evan” and you are teaching … Continue reading

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